About Caitlin

My husband and I live in Minnetonka, and both of us grew up in the western suburbs. We have three “canine kids”; Moose, Stella, and Indi. My hobbies are almost entirely fitness/wellness based, and include doing as much yoga as I possibly can, hiking the Beartooth mountains of Montana where my family cabin is located, cooking healthy meals with the wild game that my husband hunts, and drinking “healthy” amounts of wine. : )

Athletic Background

In high school, I participated in all the sports that the non-coordinated among us can excel at: swim team (favorite stroke: butterfly), track (favorite event: 100m hurdles), and cross country. I also achieved my Black Belt in American Tae Kwan Do at the age of 12 and coached karate as my first and only high school job. In college, I became an avid rock climber, and to this date will accept a rock climbing friend-date invitation from anyone willing to go with me (hint hint)!

How I Found Crossfit

I was taking some tactical self-defense classes (read: handgun training) at Sealed Mindset 5 years ago, when I saw on the class schedule that there was this thing called “crossfit”. Intrigued, I showed up one day to try it out. The WOD? 100 wallballs for time. To this day, wallballs and I have a strained relationship, but I was hooked despite that torturous first class and soon discovered my home and my family at SISU.

Why I Coach

Working in corporate America, I wanted to do more day-to-day to help others discover and embrace a healthy way of life – enter coaching. To me, coaching is a passion rather than “work”. I love helping others learn how to move better, think more positively, and be their best selves through fitness. It’s a hugely important aspect of my life, and I want to share it with others. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to interact with so many truly amazing humans through coaching. I keep getting up early to coach those 6am classes because I can’t think of a better way to start my day!


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

I’d say pistol squats. I think they’re just fun to do, and I always feel super sore in the best way possible after doing them. Win-win?!

Nemesis Movement/Skill

Dead lifts. Ew.

Favorite Cheat Meal

Anything chocolate, anytime of day! Chocolate covered espresso beans in the morning, flourless chocolate cake, chocolate with a glass of red wine…