About Chris

“After high school, I wasn’t ready for college so I enlisted in the Marine Corps and served five
years. I then enrolled at Normandale Community College and later transferred to the U of M. I
met my wife at the former, and we currently have two daughters, no pets, and one TV. Through SISU and CrossFit we’ve established life-long relationships with like-minded savages who love to workout, hangout, and live life! Get busy living or get busy dying! Aside from CrossFit, I enjoy beer, books, the outdoors, food, concerts, cold nights, and short shorts.

I’ve never considered myself an “athlete”, though I did play soccer through middle school, football freshmen year in high school, and that’s it. Football was fun, but honestly, once I learned we had two practices a day, I was done. I finished the season, but focused on my  social life…hahaha! I lifted a lot of weights in the Corps and later in life found triathlons. I started with Sprints, then Olympics, then Half Irons, and capped it off with Ironman Wisconsin in 2015, but my greatest fitness achievement…winning the First Annual Excelsior Beer Mile World
Championships in 2016.”

How You Found CrossFit

“Burned out on triathlons, a wife understandably pissed at my training schedule, and two daughters who wanted to see their dad for more than 30 minutes a night, I needed to make a change. I worked out at a globo-gym for a while but got bored. It was very cliquish, and everyone seemed to get “dressed up” to work out. I actually spent more time watching people than working out. A friend of mine signed up for CrossFit, and we got to chatting about it. I was intrigued but absolutely intimidated by the Olympic lifting movements. So, I gave it a try.”

Why You Coach

“Selfishly, coaching helps me become a better athlete but that’s not why I get up at 4:45am to coach the morning classes. I do it because I love it! The commitment, the passion, and the individual drive and desires of each athlete make coaching worthwhile. As I stated earlier, I’ve never considered myself an “athlete”. I’m an average guy who likes to work hard. Too many people falsely believe you need an “athletic” background to do this stuff. Not true! If I can do it, anyone can. I truly enjoy helping new CrossFitter’s through their first few months.”


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Anything cardio, but I really like running and burpees, especially bar-facing burpees.

Nemesis Movement/Skill

The Snatch…a year from now, this movement better not be listed here.

Favorite Cheat Meal

Ice Cream