Christina Schlitz

About Christina

Christina grew up in sunny South Florida where softball was her sport of choice. After college she moved to Kansas City, and all athletics were put on hold for awhile. In 2012 Christina realized something needed to change, this is when she came across CrossFit. She fell in love with it immediately and started coaching shortly after. Fast forward five years, she has lost 80lbs, she is the strongest she has ever been and currently competes in Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit competitions.

Christina played high school softball and was a freshman on the varsity team as a starting catcher. She played travel softball, and in 2005 her team won the State Championship. She received several scholarships to play softball in college throughout Florida and accepted one from the University of Tampa. Unfortunately, college social life took priority over softball and her athletic career in the sport came to an end.

How You Found CrossFit

At 25 years old, Christina was living in Kansas City, Missouri and was about 80 lbs overweight. Although the heavy drinking and pizza eating every night was “fun”, being 5’2” and 215 lbs was not very enjoyable nor was it healthy. She met a girl in her building who was the same height and age but not the same weight. Christina found out this athletic chick owned a CrossFit gym about a half mile away from where they lived. Once Christina walked through that door, she never turned back.

Why You Coach

“I love how excited the athletes get when they PR on a lift, or when they get their first unassisted pull-up. I love watching everyone cheer the last person on in a workout. I love the effort everyone is always giving. I love seeing the transformations in their body and overall life. I want to make a difference and if I can help change someone’s life, not just in the gym but even on a personal level, I feel rewarded.”


USAW Sports Performance Coach

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Eat To Perform Nutrition Coach

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Favorite Cheat Meal

Donuts..white frosting with sprinkles.. That can be a meal, right?