About Christy

Christy originally hails from rural Nebraska but has made the Twin Cities metro area her home for the past 12 years. She went to college for theatre and when she’s not in the gym, she continues to enjoy the performing arts both on stage and in the audience.

Christy played basketball and ran cross country and track in high school. She found her niche in the latter of the two sports and continued to run on her own through college and the years after.

How You Found Crossfit

Christy was introduced to Crossfit through her husband. After he started doing Crossfit, he attempted for a good couple years to get her to join to little success. Convinced that Crossfit was not for her, Christy maintained her resistance until she was dragged to a Crossfit Regional competiton in 2015 and was amazed by not only the competitors on the floor but the energy of the community in attendence overall. She walked into the gym the following Monday totally hooked.

Why You Coach

I coach because I love Crossfit so much, and I love sharing it with others – talking about it, breaking down movements and strategies, celebrating breakthrough moments, and so on. I can so clearly recall times in my own progress that a skill finally clicked, or I finished a workout that seemed impossible. Those moments were due in large part to good coaches and to be able to be a part of someone else achieving a success in training is such a joy and an honor.


Bachelor of Arts, Hillsdale College

Crossfit Level 1

Secret Ninja Movement

Burpees and pull-ups

Nemesis Movement

Anything with a heavy barbell

Favorite Cheat Meal

Pizza and ice cream