I am originally from the cheese state. I grew up in a small farming community but dreamt of living in the “Big” city. I met the love of my life, Billy, at Ripon College. We have been married for 5 amazing years, and we have a Bernese Mountain Dog named Huckleberry. I enjoy being outside, drinking coffee, and smiling.

Athletic Career

High school volleyball, softball, track and soccer

How I Found CrossFit

I had been a part of a running group for about a year. I was tired of the same routes and not seeing any changes. Our neighbor invited us to a SISU-X class, and I was hooked by the amazing group of athletes and coaches who challenged me to become the best version of myself.

Why I coach

I coach Crossfit because I want to help encourage individuals to crush their goals! I want to help people see that they are amazing and are capable of more than they think! I get excited about the opportunity to be a cheerleader to this amazing SISU family!

Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Running, Burpees, and Thrusters

Nemesis Movement/Skill

Double Unders and Toe to Bar

Favorite Cheat Meal

Pizza and Chocolate Cake