I’m originally from New Jersey but have been living in MN since 2013. I’m the Sales Director for a really cool company that does event management for the CrossFit Games, Arnold Strongman, USA Weightlifting and a ton of other fitness events. I have a passion for the healing powers of food and nutrition and like to nerd out on that in my spare time. I brew my own kombucha, so I’m your girl if you need a SCOBY. 🙂  I am a warm-weather creature and am at my best when I’m outside in the sunshine.

Athletic Background

I played field hockey and ran track (hurdles and sprints) in school. I created and taught a fitness class named “Butts and Guts with Jess” at Gettysburg College for my student job. Outside of CrossFit, I like to mix up my training regimen with the occasional Ragnar, sprint tri, or half marathon.

Finding CrossFit

In 2011, a coworker introduced me to CrossFit while I was living in DE, and I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid ever since.

Why I Coach

I love empowering others and helping people to unlock their potential. I’m eager to share what I know, excited to watch my athletes learn and grow, and psyched to cheer them on as they reach their goals. I value the chance to let every person who brings some effort through our doors know that they are welcomed and worthy, no matter their fitness level. The opportunity to coach someone at SISU is an opportunity to change somebody’s life. That’s huge, and I get really amped up about it.


Secret Ninja Movement

Pistol squats

Nemesis Movement

Handstand walking

Favorite Cheat Meal

A crusty-on-the-outside-chewy-on-the-inside baguette from somewhere in Europe with some good cheese and cured meat. Red wine. A hot brownie with vanilla ice cream.