About Joe

I grew up in a tiny North Dakota town called Berthold. I attended college at the University of North Dakota, acquiring a Bachelor’s in biology and a Master’s in kinesiology. From there, I found myself at Lifetime Fitness, personal training and coaching the Alpha program (LF’s version of Crossfit).

If you want to start a conversation, here are some fun facts about me:

Athletic Background

The beautiful thing about going to a small school is there were no tryouts, and instead, they pressured you to play for their team. I played football, basketball, and baseball throughout high school. In college, I played many intramural and rec leagues, ranging from flag football to dodgeball.

Finding CrossFit

I found Crossfit during my sophomore year of college. One of my friends kept talking about it non-stop (hard to believe right!!) so I decided to go check it out because he was shredded and I was bored with the typical large gym grind. I did a free week trial and threw up four times that week. I signed up after the fourth day and never looked back! Crossfit has taught me the valuable lesson that you are stronger than you think. I am so thankful for that first week of hell and the years that followed. That mental fortitude has transferred to many other areas in my life and has helped me achieve things I never thought myself capable of!

Why I Coach

I coach to pay it forward. I want to help others build the confidence I found through Crossfit. The confidence that comes from achieving the impossible. Impossible for me use to mean muscle-ups, a 100lb. snatch, a single double-under, or getting through a WOD without throwing up. I believe the human body was created to move so I will continue to improve my movement quality for as long as I can and hope to help others see the importance and benefit of movement!


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill


Nemesis Movement/Skill

Handstand Push Ups

Favorite Cheat Meal

Asian Zing traditional wings from Buffalo Wild Wings with ranch.