About Karlie

I grew up on a farm a little over an hour west of Sioux Falls, in Southeast South Dakota. I moved to Sioux Falls in 2016 to attend school at the University of Sioux Falls. After college, I decided I wanted to venture away from home for a while, so I got my first big girl job in Plymouth and moved to MN in February of 2020. In my free time, you can usually find me at the dog park, playing fetch, or on walks with my German Shepard, Rocky. I also enjoy traveling back to SD to hang out with family, usually camping at the Missouri River in the summer and taking trips out west to the Black Hills snowmobiling in the winter. 

Athletic Background

I have a long background in swimming. I swam competitively for 15 years, all throughout my elementary and high school years, and then continued for my first 2 years of college until I was forced to retire due to a major shoulder injury. Along with swimming, I also played basketball, threw shot put and discus in track, cheered competitively and for our high school football team, and have competed in multiple CrossFit competitions. 

Finding CrossFit

I started CrossFit in 2011. I was in 7th grade and working for cash in the summer for a family friend of ours who was a personal trainer. He saw a video from the 2010 CrossFit games and thought it was pretty cool so he started incorporating it into our workouts and it took off from there. After about a year, he and my dad rigged together a pull-up bar, found some bars and bumper plates for sale, and bought a few other pieces of equipment to start a small garage gym. He eventually moved to the Sioux Falls area and opened his own CrossFit gym. Unfortunately, the garage gym doesn’t exist anymore but will forever hold great memories. I’ve been doing CrossFit ever since! 

Why I Coach

I coach to give back to the community what I had growing up. CrossFit and working out was the only thing I talked about, it was my life and continues to be now! I love helping people reach their goals and feel like a rockstar. I especially enjoy coaching the CrossFit Kids program in the Minnetonka school district. It’s so cool to see this generation of kids want to learn about CrossFit, proper movement, and how to live a healthy lifestyle!


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Olympic lifting 

Nemesis Movement/Skill

Thrusters or wall balls 

Favorite Cheat Meal

Give me the Ice Cream!