Kate Lutgen

I was born and raised in good ol’ MN; however, I have had stints in Tennessee and Texas as well. I have two awesome and handsome brothers, and I land right smack dab in the middle of them! When I am not at work or the gym, I enjoy spending time with my two favorite mini humans, being outside and going on adventures!

Athletic Background

I have always been an active human; I played every sport I could in high-school but my love was in basketball. I played Varsity all four years and was asked to play in college; however, the social aspect of college was more attractive to me at the time!

How I Found CrossFit

I found CrossFit by way of Yoga. I had been practicing yoga after having my second child. I had met an old coach of mine at the yoga studio – he told me to come check it out his gym… I did and have never looked back. It was exactly what I was looking for!

Why I Coach

I coach because I love to help people! I absolutely love to watch the transformation of people not only inside the gym, but more importantly, outside of the gym! It is so motivating and inspiring! Being able to celebrate a PR, an athlete crushing a goal or even hearing how someone overcame a fear is the best feeling in the world! It gives me chills just thinking about it!


L1 Certified

Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work

Master’s Certificate in Addiction Studies

Secret Ninja Movement

Med Ball Crawls

Nemesis Movement

Snatches with a barbell – DB Snatches super fun, Barbell snatches…not so much

Favorite Cheat Meal

Cheese stuffed crust pizza and peanut butter M&M’s