About Sam

I was born on the Canadian border in what is known as Hockey Town USA or Roseau to my wrestling family. I learned to love the great outdoors growing up on my family’s hobby farm in Maple Lake and that has stuck with me ever since. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking or camping, I find ways to get outside, and I’m lucky that my wife Melody (better known as Shorty) will join me on most adventures. We have a dog, Timber aka @timber_tantrums on I.G.

Athletic Career 

I wrestled and played football growing up but a plague of injuries turned me towards just living in the weight room and dabbling in body building. I thought having big arms meant that I was in shape and healthy, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

How You Found CrossFit

As I prepared to join the military in 2009, I decided to run myself through their test of physical endurance and strength and that’s when I had a wakeup call. I couldn’t run 2 miles consistently; I only met the bare minimum requirement for pushups; and even with my six pack, I could only do 25 sit ups before I would hit complete muscle failure. I started looking for more effective ways of training for muscle endurance through circuit training. It wasn’t until I was in Airborne School that I learned specifically what Crossfit was, and I was glad to finally put a name to it.

Why you coach 

I love helping people and giving back. When I first left for military training, SISU was in its infant stages of becoming a gym. My wife stepped through their doors, and she found a wonderful, supportive community. SISU helped empower and encourage her to do new things, and it all gave her more focus in my absence. When I was deployed or in training, our CrossFit community down in Kansas was the same. I love not only being a part of these great communities but also being able to help mold the members. Helping everyday people with various backgrounds to feel more empowered and have an encouraging place to escape the world for one hour a day is why I love to coach.  


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Standing barbell roll out.

Nemesis Movement/Skill

The one that’s name shall not be spoken

Favorite Cheat Meal

Chocolate. Correction, ALL the Chocolate.