About Tyler

I am from Plymouth, MN and my parents have lived at the same house my entire life.  I attended the University of Minnesota for Agriculture and Food Business Management and work in investments.  I have a golden retriever, Oakley and a beautiful wife Stephanie. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and my dog.

Athletic Career

I went to Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School where I played hockey and won the AA state tournament. I decided to hang up the skates after that and found CrossFit my Sophomore year in college.

How I Found CrossFit

My strength and conditioning coach for Bantam’s was also (eventually) a SISU coach.  I ran into him at a hockey game and he said he was trying this new thing out called CrossFit. He told me to come try it and the rest is history.


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

I’m not sure it is a secret but my “secret” ninja movement is either anything involving the pull-up bar or snatching.

Nemesis Movement/Skill

There are quite a few but the worst are probably rowing, biking and sandbags.

Favorite Cheat Meal

Is it considered a cheat meal if you eat cheat meals a lot?  But I’d have to go with Taco Bell or Oreos.