I’m an only child and grew up not far from the Excelsior location. Following my parents’ footsteps and not moving far, I went to the same schools as them from kindergarten through high school. I spent the majority of my childhood on the many lakes across the state or hiking through the woods, camping and hunting.

Athletic Background

I grew up playing baseball and hockey. By middle school, hockey was my primary sport, which continued through high school. After high school, I enlisted in the Marine Corps where I found a love for middle and long-distance running. I then attended Bethel University where I ran 200 and 400-meter sprints.

Finding CrossFit

I found CrossFit while biking on the trail that goes near the Excelsior location. Prior to CrossFit SISU, the location was a lumberyard. There were fences and banners wrapped around the property saying “under construction”, a few marketing photos of CrossFit and an upcoming opening date. I came back a few months later to check it out and was hooked. 

Why I Coach

I coach because I have a passion for people and serving. Coaching at SISU provides me the opportunity to encourage and enable our members to break barriers and achieve success while in the gym and, more importantly, in other aspects of their life. 


Secret Ninja Movement

 I enjoy running, rowing and biking. In reality, anything with high cardio.

Nemesis Movement

Handstand Pushups 

Favorite Cheat Meal

Maple bacon long john donuts. Preferably six of them and a cup of coffee.