What you will benefit by joining SISU?


Real and measurable results that leave you looking, feeling, and performing your best.


Ongoing support from each and every member of the SISU family.  From fitness expertise and nutritional guidance, to true friendship and support.


Improved and long-lasting health and well-being from the inside-out.

Gym Plans

Choose the program for you!

  • $185

    / month

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Month-to-month individual plan for unlimited access to all classes (excluding seminars.)
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  • $170

    / month per person

  • Unlimited Family
  • Month-to-month family plan for unlimited access to all classes (excl. seminars.).
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  • $155

    / month

  • 8 Classes per Month
  • Individual plan for access to all offered classes 8 times per month (excluding seminars.)
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Visitors & Drop Ins

We welcome drop-ins and visitors! Complete the form below to let us know when you’d like to stop in for a class.


$50/ 2-7 days

Cancellation Policy

We understand that various reasons can lead to an individual needing to cancel. We hate to see you go and hope you’ll be back soon. If you do need to cancel your SISU class plan for any reason, please know that we do require a two-week notice in order to do so. Thank you!