SISU Transformation: Samarah Hadley

About Samarah

Originally from Mankato, I currently live in Orono with my husband and our three young boys (10, 7, & 5). I’m a Sales Manager at General Mills and working at home with the whole family has been an adventure. I was a year-round competitive swimmer growing up and currently swim with a Masters Team. My boys are also swimmers and we are a family of golfers, spending as much time as we can on the course. 

Finding SISU and the Nutrition Program

Thanks to a fun women’s golf league, my friend Kelli introduced me to SISU in the summer of 2020. I had been looking for something I could commit to, along with a great community to help me stay motivated! Once I began working out at SISU, I heard a lot of stories of how the Nutrition program was where one could really find even more results. Knowing my eating hasn’t been ‘bad’ but consistently struggling to see results, I wanted to learn more about truly fueling my body. As my friend said, “if you are going to put in the work at the gym, put in the effort for what you put in your body as well.” 

Making Changes

SISU Nutrition helped me realize the importance of consistency and that you don’t have to eliminate food to reach your goals. While my Double Stuf Oreo habit changed to Oreo Mint Thins, the awareness of what food can fit in my day – and what I want to fit into my day – was so eye-opening to me. When eating at/towards my macro goals, I feel physically stronger and mentally healthier. The program is a lifestyle, set up to make sure this isn’t just another ‘fad diet’ but something that can absolutely fit into a ‘normal’ life – eating out, having fun with friends, making quick dinners for three hungry boys, etc.

Reaching Goals

My goal when signing up was to lose weight and also feel stronger. The weight loss didn’t happen as quickly as I would have liked, but thanks to my awesome coach, Anna, she kept me motivated and accountable. I was losing inches every week and we focused on my progress pictures and those inches, getting away from worrying about the scale. I also wanted to feel more fueled. Being a working mom of three young boys, focused on my goal of being a lifelong athlete, I knew something needed to change and this program set me up to meet those goals. 

Working With My Coach

Anna did a great job answering all my questions. She was always available for anything I needed, any time I needed. She was always ready with a pep talk text on the days I was dragging and always has a positive attitude for how we can meet my goals together. Anna is ready and willing to share her tips and tricks – Built Bars forever! 🙂

What I Wish I Knew Before I Started

I would encourage myself to stay consistent, be ready to drink a ton of water, don’t get discouraged by the scale, and remember there are way more benefits that can’t be easily seen. 

Moving Forward

The education I gained was a game-changer for me. I now know how to FUEL my body instead of just eating to eat. Our bodies are incredible, we only get one and I’ve learned how to take better care of it than ever before.

The Numbers

Total weight loss was 11 lbs. and I lost 11.25 inches. I gained a ton of confidence and knowledge. I now am healthier, stronger, fitter, and ready to kick butt as a masters athlete!