Ages 14-18

SISU Athletic Development is designed to meet the unique demands of various sports, enhancing athletes performance, reducing the risk of injury, and optimizing their overall physical capabilities increasing power and speed.

Program Goals

Enhance Athletic performance

Reduce Risk of Injury

Increase Power & Speed


60 minute class duration

Ages 14-18

SISU Plymouth

Class Times:

4:30pm & 5:30pm T & Th

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“SISU has played a critical role in my athletic journey, particularly in helping me achieve a higher level of fitness compared to my competitors especially at such a young age. It’s evident that the training I received there gave me a significant advantage, enabling me to excel and participate in opportunities that might have not been possible if my fitness level wasn’t there which speaks to the effectiveness of the training program and dedication that not only myself but the coaches put into it.”

– Katie V.

“I joined SISU during my junior year of high school, and I immediately noticed its impact on my athletic ability on the volleyball court. My vertical increased 3 inches in one summer, and I became stronger, faster, and more explosive. SISU prepared me very well for college volleyball, and I am grateful for the strength training foundation I learned at the gym. I return to SISU each summer, and it prepares me well for each upcoming season. On top of that, SISU’s environment is fun, especially for someone accustomed to team sports – it’s an encouraging environment where the coaches push me to be my best!”

– Sarah L.

“Training with SISU helped prepare me for the demands of Division 1 volleyball by strengthening me physically, mentally, and emotionally while providing a great community to do it with. I’m currently starting nutrition with Christina and I can’t wait to see how much the programing elevates my game as I head into my fifth year and find what being an athlete looks like outside of volleyball.”

– Elizabeth H.

“SISU gave me an environment to developed in my sport both physically and mentally. The workouts at SISU are some of the hardest that I have encountered in my training, and I always walked away feeling accomplished. The combination of workouts and nutrition advice really elevated my performance, got me to level that I’d needed for division 1 athletics.”

– Jack H.

“Training at SISU as a young athlete helped turn me into the best well-rounded athlete that set me apart from my competition. having a unique workout every day made it exciting and kept me wanting to come back consistently. This allowed me to develop the amazing quickness, strength, and agility I have which has led me to play at the top level in college.”

– Elle W.

“SISU’s training has been like no other and has played a huge role in my athletics outside of the gym. They have provided the tools and coaching that have truly optimized my performance and given me the opportunity to compete at the highest level (Go Cats!). I’m so thankful for the community and all that SISU has given me.”

– Signe D.