About Bri

Bri is a former athlete turned fitness enthusiast and diligent CrossFit coach. Bri grew up in the northwest suburbs of the Twin Cities and completed her degree at Augsburg University in Minneapolis where she excelled as a business major and soccer and softball player. 

Bri was inspired to try CrossFit while living out on the east coast after casual running and hours-long gym “lifting sessions” were no longer exciting. She craved challenge, community, and results!

Bri ascribes to the methodology of fitness for lifestyle, longevity, and long-term health. Her own journey with CrossFit has allowed her body and mind to achieve many great feats – 12,000 ft mountain hikes at elevation, running a half marathon, and continuing to play many co-ed sports (soccer, volleyball, tennis, and pickleball just to name a few.)

Bri is a life-long learner and vows to bring her A-game to each and every class she coaches by way of thorough movement breakdown, essential warmup and mobility patterns, and new material and ideas to keep classes engaging and fun!


  • Business degree, Augsburg University
  • CrossFit Level 1 certified

Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

I thought about this for a long time and can’t really think of one. I pride myself on being capable in all movements but the best at none 😉.

Nemesis Movement/Skill

It’d probably be cool with me if I never had to row or use an Echo Bike ever again.

Favorite Cheat Meal

I have a serious sweet tooth but also LOVE bread. Give me a loaf of warm sourdough bread and some butter and I’ll be happy.