About Griffin

Griffin Witta is a 20-year-old individual who is passionate about high performance and developing clients into their best selves. He completed his high school education at Minnetonka High School and played baseball at North Iowa Area Community College. During his time in college, he discovered his interest in social media marketing and influencing. He finds it fascinating to engage and inform a broader audience, and he believes it can open up many doors. Griffin has been an influencer since the 9th grade and has developed expertise in creating engaging content and building a loyal audience.

Griffin has joined forces with SISU, where he is excited to develop relationships with the community. He strongly believes that with his expertise in social media marketing and passion for high performance, he can contribute to the growth of the organization. Griffin is a hardworking and dedicated individual, and he brings his best foot forward in every project he undertakes. He is committed to achieving excellence in his work and is confident that his skillset and drive will enable him to make a positive impact on the community he serves