About Kari

I was adopted from Korea as a baby by the best family ever and raised in Edina, MN (enter in cake-eater jokes). I have 2 amazing daughters, 2 crazy dogs who are lucky that unconditional love is a thing, and a husband who can only be described as a saint for putting up with us all. I am a digital marketing consultant and strategist by day, and when I’m not working, with my family, or at the gym I’m probably sleeping. Kidding, I do other stuff! I love to travel and am an avid baker!

Athletic Background

I was a dancer growing up but stopped when I was in high school. I played sports here and there but mostly played the role of an angsty teenager who was too busy getting into trouble to focus on athletics. If partying too hard were a sport, I would have been a gold medalist!

It wasn’t until I was 30 that I started to care about my health and fitness. I signed up for a race that year which forced me to run longer than a mile without dying. I survived my race and decided that being healthy should and would become an important part of my life.   

Finding CrossFit

My husband stopped into SISU one day while he was biking by the Excelsior location and chatted with Thomas, came home, and asked if I wanted to try a class the following day. Even though I felt like I needed a full-body cast after my first class, I was hooked! I was inspired then and I’m inspired still by how hard SISU athletes work, no matter their background, what they might be going through that day, we all support each other and push each other to give just a little bit more. Camaraderie and community are two things I didn’t expect but are what make CrossFit so special. Totally unbiased, factual statement – SISU’s community is the absolute best!

Why I Coach

CrossFit, and more specifically SISU, has had such a positive impact on my life both in and outside of the gym! When I was given the opportunity to get to pay it forward through coaching I said, “Wait, are you serious?” followed by, “Hell yes!”. I coach because I love people and want them to have the BEST hour of their day when they walk through our doors. But more than that, I want that sense of accomplishment and confidence to follow them beyond SISU’s walls. Being any part of people making positive life changes and reaching their goals (big or small) is what fires me up! 


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Nothing in CrossFit has felt like it’s come naturally to me so I’m going to say my ninja skill is the ability to keep cracking at things that I’m not good at until I start to improve. But my favorite movement is the power clean! 

Nemesis Movement/Skill

High volume wall balls

Favorite Cheat Meal

Taco Bell…I am a garbage human.