Raj Sastry

I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, MO and went to college and grad school at Washington University in St. Louis. I met my wife Richa while still in grad school when we both performed in a Bollywood Dance together for an Indian event. We moved to Minneapolis in 2004/2005, thinking it would be just for a couple of years and ended up loving it! We live in Eden Prairie and have one daughter and a Siberian Husky. I love doing anything active and outdoors, regardless of the weather.

Growing up, I played sports but wasn’t necessarily what you would call athletic. Sports was something I had to do because it was required. I didn’t understand, nor was I taught, the importance of balancing nutrition with exercise. Fast forward to a few years out of college when I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I started working out and eating what I thought was the right way and managed to lose quite a bit of weight, but yo-yo’ed for years with minimal gains in performance and strength.

Finding CrossFit

I had been working out in a globo gym, taking boot camps, and had heard about Crossfit but was told how “dangerous” it was so never really considered it. I finally took the Crossfit plunge during a New Year’s promotion and haven’t looked back since. I found an inner athlete that I didn’t know existed while also learning how to think about health and fitness holistically.

Why I Coach

Through coaching, I’m hoping I can help other people come to the same realization I did and find their inner athlete that they may not have thought existed or was even possible. I see the benefits Crossfit provides not just in the gym by in other aspects of my life, and I want to help people understand that it is about so much more than just working out. It is a community that is encouraging, supportive, and uplifting no matter where you go or who you are.

Secret Ninja Movement

Kettlebell Swings or Sandbag Carries/Squats

Nemesis Movement


My favorite cheat meal is…

Anything with Peanut Butter and Chocolate or Pizza