I grew up in the Milwaukee suburbs, playing all the sports in an active family. After high school, I became a Golden Gopher and met my wife at the University of Minnesota. I joined the Marine Corps after college, and after 10 moves and 3 kids, we are back and living in Plymouth. CrossFit has a history with the Marine Corps and I was introduced to this type of training in college and used it throughout my career. I enjoy the challenge, team environment, and well-rounded training of CrossFit workouts. I have visited a number of boxes in the US and overseas and put SISU up there with the best of them in facilities, programming quality, and community. I have been dropping into SISU classes for the past 10 years when visiting, and I am excited to be part of the team!

I Love CrossFit Because…

It is scalable to experience level, and you can use the training as a base to physically prepare for anything from an Ironman triathlon or sport, to a military deployment or backpacking trip. 

Why I Coach…

CrossFit is life-changing when applied consistently. I enjoy being part of that experience for others and helping them navigate the daily challenges in a healthy and effective way. 

Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Overhead walking lunges and Double Unders

Nemesis Movement/Skill

HSPU and handstands of any kind

Favorite Cheat Meal

I don’t cheat much…but if I do, chocolate.