About Stef

I grew up in this wonderful state and went to Wayzata High School where I had the joy of meeting my husband. After high school, I attended Iowa State University where I studied Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering. I’ve always had a passion and goal to help others in many ways which has led me to my current role as an R&D engineer at a med-device company. Outside of work and the gym, you can find me spending time with my family and friends, with my husband going on walks with our dog, being active outside, and cooking new recipes. 

Athletic Background

I was a competitive swimmer through high school and then was lucky enough to find CrossFit in college. 

Finding CrossFit

A few of my college friends would come back to our calc study sessions all sweaty and talking about “Nanos and AMRAPs” (Having no idea what that was). I was curious and decided to go watch their next competition. After seeing them do “push-ups upside down” and hanging from ropes, I decided I would have to try this for myself. Didn’t take long for me to get hooked! The next summer when I returned home, I joined a box and have loved it since. 

Why I Coach

As an athlete, I’ve had a handful of coaches that have positively impacted me and have been foundational for my growth in CrossFit. 

I absolutely love helping and working with people to become better and achieve their goals. I strive to be encouraging and motivating and as a coach, I believe success comes from being intentional and approachable with each person. Even though everyone may be at a different skill level, there is always space for getting stronger and better! 


Secret Ninja Movement/Skill

Burpees & Pull-ups 

Nemesis Movement/Skill

Box Jump overs & Snatches  

Favorite Cheat Meal

BROWNIES! And Pizza of course 😊