I’m a native Minnesotan, raised in Plymouth. After living on both coasts with my husband, Andy, we settled back in Minnesota to raise our family (Elizabeth, 19 and twins Jack & Luke, 18…yep it was a crazy few years in there!) Youth sports ruled our lives (and bank account!) for the past two decades, but we are fortunate to now have two kids competing in Division 1 college athletics. In our spare time, we love traveling with the family, seeking out pucker-inducing adventures in every locale. I’m just trying to remind the kids that their mom can actually be cool.



After college, I worked in marketing for General Mills and then Wella haircare products. I loved my work, especially seeing the direct impact of my decisions hitting store shelves. I planned to continue working my way up the corporate ladder, but the day after I saw two pink lines on the pregnancy test, I quit my job. I haven’t been back since. As a stay-at-home mom, I feel like my work is invaluable. I hope to contribute some marketing ideas to the leadership panel, but also bring the ‘Mom Perspective’ representing so many of the bada** moms at SISU!



When she was 14, our daughter started personal training at SISU to enhance her volleyball performance. She quickly saw results, and continued PT at SISU through graduation (thanks Coach Billy!) After she left for college, Andy & I invested that money into ourselves. In those first few days, I could barely walk and stairs were the enemy, but I was hooked. Honestly, it’s the community that has kept us there (although, being in the best shape of my life helps!). These are the friends I’ve been looking for my whole life. I never knew how much I needed you all!



I agreed to be on the SISU Leadership Advisory Group because this gym is special. I want everyone that walks in that garage door to feel the magic and immediately be comfortable. I strive to offer kindness to everyone and SISU is the perfect place to play that out. I just want everyone to know how incredible this box is!

I have been incredibly impressed and humbled to serve along side of so many amazing people in this group. They are a crew comprised of innovative, thoughtful, intelligent and compassionate people who just want to make SISU the best it can be. Their stories have taught me a lot about SISU’s core value of ‘forging resilient human beings’ and some pretty great things are going to evolve out of their insight.



I have been at SISU for over a year than a half now. I’ve tried to go all in by entering every competition that came my way. I’ve competed in the Santa Bash, the CrossFit Games Open, the SISU Summer Throwdown, Bombshell Bash and Game Day competitions. Outside of SISU, I loved grinding it out in the Murph, 10-mile Tough Mudder, and a Spartan Race in Austin, TX. I’m currently training for the Lake Minnetonka Triathlon with my SISU peeps! Outside of the gym, I have my Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Minnesota.



Undoubtedly, my favorite thing about SISU is the community. After my first competition, my phone lit up with supportive messages from my gym friends, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. Twenty months later, the support has multiplied exponentially. These people want me to reach my potential and to get better every day. It’s just that simple, and I want the same for them. The world could use more people like those in our SISU family.



Cheddar & mushroom burger on a pretzel bun with sweet potato fries. And chocolate cake. Go big or go home!