I’m a local Minnetonka kid. When not at work or SISU, I love spending time with family, friends, and the dogs. My wife Sara & I are high school sweethearts with three kids keeping us busy. I can often be found working on projects around the house, fixing or building something. Snowboarding, mountain biking, hunting, and fishing are a big part of my life. Spending time in Two Harbors is a recent addition to our family fun time – love the North Woods!



I completed business school at the University of Oregon (yep, I’m a Duck) just as the Dotcom Bubble burst. With offers on the West Coast evaporating, Sara & I headed back to Minnesota for work and to start our family. After a brief stint in the corporate world (that’s what you’re supposed to do as a business guy), I found my way into construction; entrepreneurial business is a much better fit! I’ve been involved in the construction industry for 22 years having partnered with Denali Custom Homes seven years ago (www.denalicustomhomes.com).



Coming up on four years ago, I skeptically followed my wife & son into SISU. Charley had a blast at the SISU Youth Athlete Program, peaking Sara’s interest. She gave it a try, and I followed shortly after. As a family, we have joined and canceled more gyms than I care to admit, but something is different with SISU. Never have I been that wrecked by a workout (we termed it CrossFit Drunk) but so satisfied and excited to hit the repeat button!



Why did I join the SLA? The simple answer is “because Pat asked”. The way our lives have been positively impacted by SISU is amazing! If there is a way that I can help give back and provide a bit of help to SISU, count me in!

As I navigate growth and growing pains in my business, the timing of the Leadership Advisory Group has been almost perfect. Looking for something “more” and a way to do more for the greater good is a shared theme. I’m excited to see how this impacts SISU and how similar ideas can be applied at Denali.



Looking around the SISU Leadership Advisory is a humbling experience – so many talented individuals. I received my MBA in Finance with a minor in Sports Marketing. I’ve worked in entrepreneurial business for 22 years and love the challenges and varied nature of the work. As a “CrossFitter”, my claim to fame is modest at best. I’ve been at SISU for 3.5 years, competed a few times, and try to drag my butt to the gym as often as possible.



The difference is with the people, coaches, community, and some intangible magic. I’ve asked Pat & Thomas “Does CrossFit attract amazing people or is it a SISU anomaly”? As a family, we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be part of such a talented, dynamic, authentic group of people.



Most of my meals would probably be defined as cheat meals… I love a good burger, fries, and don’t forget the malt!