Born and raised in SoCal (where I never thought I’d leave), I met my wife, Kati, at college in San Diego where we both played basketball and got married right after graduation. We will celebrate 15 years in 2023! She is originally from MN, and we moved here almost 10 years ago. Before that, we lived in Orange County, CA for a couple of years and one year in Germany, where I was able to play basketball professionally. We have 3 awesome kids – Gabe (10), Kennedy (9), and Dre (6). My wife home schools them, and we are busy coaching them in sports and traveling whenever possible.



I have been involved in many different parts of real estate and consider myself a real estate entrepreneur. I got my start in mortgage lending and transitioned into real estate. I have been a realtor at Edina Realty for 8 years and have been partners there with my father-in-law during that time. Other experience includes property management, residential and commercial real estate investing, and I am in the middle of two townhome development projects.



I had a teammate in college who introduced me to CrossFit, but I never really thought much of it other than some of the movements looked pretty weird! After basketball was over, I wanted something to stay in shape and to get stronger, so I started looking at the CrossFit website and was cherry picking some workouts to do on my own. I missed competing and the team environment that sports had offered. When we moved to MN, I didn’t know a lot of people here. After dropping in at SISU the first day, I knew immediately that this was a place that could help me get in great shape, push me to be better, but also be a great community. Most of my closest friendships have come from SISU. All of those reasons have made CrossFit a big part of my life and something I prioritize.



SISU has made a huge impact on my life for all of the reasons I listed above and more. When Pat approached me about being a part of the SLA, I felt honored and humbled and immediately said yes. I know firsthand the impact it can have on people’s lives. To be able to be a very small part of that is something I am extremely thankful for. My faith is the most important part of my life and to see SISU transition into Servant Leadership is incredible. Lives are already being changed and with the humility that Pat and Thomas are leading with, the future of SISU is one that can change lives and the community forever. How could I not want to be a part of that?

Serving with this group has been an honor. Sharing a room with people that have had such success professionally and personally and are loved by the people around them is a really cool experience. There is so much to be learned from this group!



I have been a member at SISU for about 8 years.



My favorite thing about SISU has to be the community and the friendly banter that goes back and forth between friends. I also really enjoy the process to try to get better at something. There is never an end. There is always a movement to figure out or try to get stronger and fitter. It is weirdly humbling and addicting at the same time. The shared suffering is bonding.



Probably donuts.