Originally from central Wisconsin, I moved to Minnesota for grad school and have been here since — with the exception of a two year stint in Washington D.C. after getting married. John and I have lived in Excelsior for 20 years and have two remarkable daughters. Their sports and activities have been our hobbies over the years. Outside of CrossFit, I enjoy being outdoors working in the yard, spending time together as a family hiking, biking, kayaking, etc. I also love to read, but the books seem to pile up quicker than I can get to them. As for pets, we currently have a hedgehog. We have worked our way through fish, hamsters, rescued wild bunnies, and raising ducks.



I worked 25+ years in the healthcare industry, guiding medical groups through the evaluation, selection, and implementation of their billing and electronic medical record systems. I also collaborated with software vendors and their clients to detail the design and function specifications for new healthcare computer applications. I loved the variety of the work, and I loved being the liaison between those that used the systems daily and those that programmed the system’s functionality. It seemed there was always some level of trouble shooting, critical thinking, and compromise involved in the process. In addition to the consulting business, I was part owner of a healthcare technology company for 15 years that developed software to send prescriptions electronically from medical offices to pharmacies.



I was introduced to CrossFit by my daughter’s karate instructor. He knew I was looking for a place to workout so he invited me to a notorious SISU “bring a friend day”. He never told me it was CrossFit, which is probably good since I would have come up with an excuse to ‘take a rain check’.

What made it stick? The welcoming atmosphere of the gym combined with coaches and members who motivate me. The workouts are tough and humbling yet doable. I love the personal challenge and the fact that people of all ages are pushing through the workout together, with movements tailored to each person’s ability.



I said yes to being a member of the SISU Leadership Advisory Group because I want to see SISU grow and succeed. I am also honored that Pat and Thomas believe I bring value to this experienced group of individuals. Being active and healthy has always been important to me, and I truly believe in the mental and physical benefits of exercise. I believe SISU is capable of being more for community members than a place to work out. How can SISU harness its uniqueness and intentionally build/expand on that for the betterment of its current members and other members of the community? That’s a question I want to help answer, and why I agreed to be part of the advisory group.

Working with Pat, Thomas, and the rest of the group to strategize what it means to forge resilient human beings, and what that looks like when put into practice, is an exciting dialogue to be a part of. It’s motivating to see Thomas and Pat speak so passionately about their vision for SISU and tapping into the collective knowledge of the group to think critically about the steps involved and resources needed to develop a successful roadmap. It’s also inspiring to hear the other Advisory Group members share how SISU has positively impacted their lives.



2022 marks seven years of CrossFit for me. I participated in the CrossFit Open (for fun, of course) for four of those seven years. My undergraduate degree is in Business Finance, and I have a Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration as well as an MBA in Strategic Planning.



My favorite thing about SISU would definitely be the people – the SISU community. I have met amazing individuals that I ‘m pretty sure I would not have crossed paths with otherwise. And the workouts challenge me…a lot! I never was a “group” workout type person, but SISU is different. It is a group of people working out together, looking to improve themselves, (yet not competing against one another) who genuinely encourage each other to push through each workout. The members get to know one another and help each other both inside and outside of the gym. Little did I know back in 2015 that I was signing up for an incredible support system and not just a gym membership.



Umm…..did you say favorite cheap meal? That would be a bowl of air popped popcorn and a flavored water. [For those of you that don’t know me, I dread any food related ice breaker question!]