Meet Melissa, a passionate and experienced athlete, coach, and mentor. Melissa grew up in a small town in Minnesota, where she developed her love for sports by playing volleyball and softball throughout high school. She went on to compete in six Strongman competitions, winning a majority of them. After discovering CrossFit, she knew it was the perfect fit for her, where the encouragement and support from the community were unmatched.

Melissa’s unique journey in fitness has provided her with a distinct perspective and approach to coaching. Her passion for strength-based sports and her own experiences with extreme diet culture gives her an edge in coaching. Her dynamic and spunky personality is contagious. She has a natural ability to lift everyone’s spirits around her and light up any room she enters. Her upbeat and positive attitude makes her an approachable and relatable coach who people feel comfortable learning from.

As a coach, Melissa is committed to empowering individuals to achieve their fitness goals and helping them gain the confidence to believe in themselves. She understands the importance of creating a supportive and encouraging environment that inspires people to push beyond their limits. Melissa’s love for fitness and her natural ability to inspire others make her a coach who not only helps her clients achieve their goals but makes the journey enjoyable and fun. With Melissa as your coach, you can expect to be motivated, challenged, and inspired to push beyond your limits and achieve your best self.