I am from Eden Prairie, MN. My hobbies include CrossFit (duh), reading, having adventures with friends, rollerblading, playing spikeball, and spending time at my family’s cabin up north. I consider my family’s dogs my own (hehe) but would love to get a pup of my own soon. I am so excited to be coaching and help our SISU athletes get their fitness on!

I played volleyball and softball growing up. I transitioned to volleyball year-round in high school and played club volleyball at UW-Madison. I love sports and competition and continue to play in volleyball leagues currently.

Finding CrossFit

I found CrossFit right after college when I was searching for new fitness outlet after moving home and looking for something to fill the competition void left from being done with organized sports. I immediately fell in love with the intensity of the workouts and how it made my body and mind feel. CrossFit has come to be a necessity in my life. It is not just fitness, but it is stress relief, medicine, and community all rolled into one.

Why I Coach

I coach because I love people, I love fitness, and I love teaching people about fitness. CrossFit is such an important part of my life and has been the origin of so many positive changes that I cannot help but want to share that with others. I also love that it is infinitely scalable! So no matter where you are in your fitness journey, CrossFit can be for you! The SISU community has also allowed me to make some of my best friends and has cemented my love of CrossFit forever.


Secret Ninja Movement

Barbell cycling

Nemesis Movement

Anything gymnastics/body weight related.

Favorite Cheat Meal

I. Love. Carbs. And anything breakfast food related. Yummy!