I grew up in Edina, MN but spent several childhood years in San Fransisco, CA. I went off to Gustavus College for four years then to the big city of Chicago to sell Cheerios for General Mills. I came back to MN in ’85 for a sales job in commercial furniture. In addition, I went from no belt to black belt in two years at National Karate while competing in many tournaments and eventually earning my second degree. However, my toughest (and best) challenge came later with my 3 awesome children Devin (’98), Erin (’00), & Jack (’02). Sprinkled in through all that have been my two Akita dogs – Kato & Nero, and, currently, my GSD Bridger & Corgi Camacho. I train CrossFit, Tactical Shooting, Alpine skiing, and Mountaineering; I’m planning a Mt. Rainier climb in July. My super fit CrossFit gal Karen Wallerius and I are completing a new home together on Fagerness Point in Orono, and we will be move in this fall. Looking forward to having her three boys; Mark, Ryan, & Matthew and my 3 lovelies all around for years to come!



I’m currently the CEO and founding partner of Intereum, a commercial interiors company supplying furnishings and audio-visual products/services to the corporate, healthcare, and educational markets. We were founded in 2004, employ 150 people, and are $100MM in annual sales. Our organization is run on the principals and methodologies of the Entrepreneural Operating System (EOS) and under this structure my role is Visionary for the organization. In addition, I am a past president of The Entrepreneur Organization of MN which is an organization focused on the growth and development of the entrepreneur ecosystem here in MN, with chapters worldwide. Through EO and their programs, I have mentored many early-stage entrepreneurs and have traveled to many parts of the world meeting and collaborating with other entrepreneurs.



Having known Pat Crosby for many years in the contract furniture industry, I was very intrigued with his departure from corporate life into his SISU startup venture in downtown Wayzata. At that time, I was struggling to stay consistent in my training and was only able to drop in occasionally for a super suck, grueling experience of strength & metcons. As time went on and SISU broke ground in Excelsior, I was determined to jump in as a founding member. Despite great intentions, my little name plate only lasted 6 months on my cubby in the lobby, even with my daughter Devin crushing it every workout with me. Several years passed and my son Jack became interested in fitness, so once again back to Crosby & SISU. This time I was hooked and supplemented my class schedule with nutrition from Christina which really put me in the best shape of my life. I do believe the CrossFit structure of warm up – strength – metcon with time and rep sequences really plays into my personality. Short bursts of both cardio and strength work well for me as well as does the continued aspect of practicing and learning more complex movements and skills. There is always something to learn and/or do better.



I believe strongly in the brand and the ability to grow this business. Over the years, I have come to enjoy the entreprenurial journey and the challenge to get others to value the relationship between risk and reward. In addition, leadership is an elusive character trait, and as I move from Hero to Elder in my own business, I believe I have insights that may help this organization grow and live up to their core values. Having been a member of the EO Accelerator mentoring program, I really enjoy getting these organizations over the hurdle of their first $1MM+ year.

Cycling through several meetings now and having watched the refinement of the SISU vision & mission take stake in the ground, I can’t help but be reminded of the Intereum journey through the EOS process that ultimately produced our simple but powerful core values. I hate to break it to you, but now comes the challenge – living and breathing them! Getting everyone rowing in the same direction takes time, perseverance and a sounding board like this Advisory Group to keep the leaders positive and committed. WE can help, support, and provide consistent insight.



In my five years of CrossFit and many events, I’ve done two Murph challenges, the last one with a vest which was a major accomplishment for me personally. Also, I’ve competed in two Game Days competitions, one individually and one on a team. I’ve competed in many SISU Summer Throwdowns and a couple SISU Santa Bashes.



The brand is represented very well through the people, the facilities, and the willingness to offer new and needed training. I have many people I have come to know through SISU, and everyone is willing to talk, partner, and share a laugh.



Big ribeye, baked potato, & a cookie sundae