NEW CLASS! SISU Strength & Conditioning

We are excited to announce that we are adding a new offering to the class lineup at SISU Excelsior & SISU Plymouth! The new SISU Strength and Conditioning class will focus on building strength and conditioning with fewer high-skill movements. The class will incorporate traditional strength lifts, accessory work, bodybuilding, and approachable metcons. 

Class Goals

Our goal with offering this class is to provide consistent strength work with a focus on getting stronger and working specific muscle groups accompanied by a metcon that will complement the strength portion of the day. We want to offer an alternative for people who prefer not to learn the higher-level skills that accompany CrossFit but still want to do consistent strength work.

What to Expect

The SISU Strength & Conditioning class will include 1-2 strength movements every day. We will squat, bench, press, deadlift, and incorporate accessory exercises to the main lifts. There will also be a high-intensity, lower-impact metcon every day that will challenge your endurance and cardiovascular output. You won’t see high-level gymnastics exercises or high-skill Olympic weightlifting movements in this class.

Who is this class for?

This class is intended for all skill levels whether you’re looking for a class to hit consistently, cross-training for a triathlon, or cherry-picking the CrossFit class! This class is a fantastic option for anyone looking to build a solid strength foundation and get in a good sweat.

Start Date & Class Schedule

The new SISU Strength & Conditioning class will kick off at the Excelsior & Plymouth locations on Monday, March 7th! The schedule for the class is as such:


  • 6:00am – M/T/W/F (replaces CF class)
  • 5:00pm – M/T/W (replaces CF class)
  • 5:30pm – Friday (replaces CF class)


  • 5:15pm – M/T/W/Th (replaces SISU-X)

We are excited to bring this new class offering to the SISU community! We hope to see you in a SISU Strength & Conditioning class soon!