SISU Programming Changes 2023

With the New Year right around the corner, we’re excited to roll out some great changes to our in-house programming. SISU has always written our own programming and we will continue to do so in order to provide a custom, quality product that avoids the cookie-cutter nature of 3rd party programs.

Starting next week, we will be introducing new cycles geared towards specific goals, while continuing to work in CrossFit’s model of GPP (General Physical Preparedness). Our aim is to create even MORE measurable goals on shorter timelines while training for specific events, benchmark workouts, and seasonal milestones. 

Going forward, we will be incorporating more notes into Wodify each day to let you prepare for the workout ahead of time. Depending on the day, we will include information like: the stimulus of the workout and how to pace, what weights to choose for the workout, how to scale the workout, and goals for time/reps/scores.

Program Synchronization

Another change we’re implementing is to synchronize our programs each day. We’ve received a lot of feedback that people will complete the CrossFit class one day, then their schedule only allows them to take the Strength & Conditioning class the next day, and they will have to train the same movement twice (Back squats two days in a row = no good!).

You’ll also see S&C and CrossFit have the same or a similar Metcon. We want there to be some uniformity in what we’re offering each day. This allows all SISU members to be completing a similar workout but taking a class that is more in line with their goals (building strength in S&C vs. improving your snatch technique in CF class). This also takes some of the burden off the coach to create 2-3 class plans each day, depending on what block of shifts they are coaching.

First 6 Months – SISU 2023


  • The Strength & Conditioning class will follow the same timeline while substituting Olympic lifting and kipping gymnastics movements with strength-focused movements and strict gymnastics. We will be completing a version of the Open workouts in S&C class. We don’t know the exercise selection until you do, so we will modify them as needed to stay aligned with our program offering.
  • SISU-X will continue to be a 45-minute class focused on getting you working for the maximal amount of time: sweating hard, burning maximal calories, and keeping your heart rate high. The goal is to keep these workouts unique and distinct from the S&C and CF programs.

We’re really excited to roll out these changes to our community. Our team has been hard at work putting together this year’s program, and we hope to continue to provide you with as much value as possible in your fitness journey. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to Thomas –

Happy New Year!

SISU Coaching Staff