Getting the Most out of Training – Part 1


by Thomas Richards

One of the best parts of CrossFit is that we’re not just mindlessly exercising – there are so many fun things to learn, practice, and grow into. You’re not just going into the gym and spinning on a bike or doing leg extensions on a fixed machine. You’ve got a wide range of exercises that you can actually improve at. 

Each movement is worth mastering, and some have higher ceilings than others!

Workout 23.3 was a great example of efficient movement (technique) being more important than strength. How many people struggled to move the barbells but are easily able to deadlift the given weight? The Snatch is a great example of a movement that doesn’t let you properly express your strength without great technique.

If you look at the best of the best in any sport, they generally have the best fundamentals. They MOVE WELL before they add in speed, power, and dynamics. They allow their bodies to express their potential to the fullest by having a great foundation. At some point, every athlete has to take a step back and work on their technique, and they all would say they wish they would have done it earlier.

Focus your efforts not only on pushing your boundaries with strength but also on how well you can move. 

  • How perfect can your reps look? 
  • How deep can I squat without pain?
  • Can I keep my core engaged throughout the entire range of motion on a lift? 

If you focus on your movement, your long-term ceiling will raise. If you don’t move well, you will hit an early wall on how much you can improve. 

Here’s an example with the Front Squat:

In the first picture, you inherently know I’m not going to be able to express my full potential whereas, in the second picture, I’m in a better position to let my body work as hard as possible. Every movement has a version of this. Focus on your movement, and you’ll perform better and reduce your chances of injury, which we’ll talk about next week in part 2!