Quality > Speed

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Crossfitters workout HARD. We want intense; we want heavy, we want fast…right? High intensity workouts are key to building amazing fitness, adaptability and strength. But here’s the straight skinny on fast, intense workouts – if you’re not moving WELL, you’re not setting yourself up for long-term fitness, mobility, and health!

Why do coaches constantly bug you about “chest to the ground, lock out your elbows!” when you do pushups in a workout? Rest assured, it’s not because they don’t want you to win the workout for the day. Getting a good score on your WOD is awesome, and we love having that element of competition to push you a bit in class, but the primary goal of any workout is to move well and THEN move fast. Because, ultimately, being healthy, mobile and strong in the long-term is more important that beating your gym buddy by a couple reps in today’s workout.

Have fun. Go hard. But if you can’t go hard without cutting corners on movement technique, take the time to slow down a bit and realize that maybe you won’t win the workout today, but you’ll be able to continue to workout and live a more active life for a really long time if you slow down the reps and MOVE WELL.