Unleash Your Potential With Yoga

Unleash Your PR Potential With…YOGA?

You can’t PR every day, but if you’ve plateaued, you may be wondering what else besides blood,
sweat, and tears can help you achieve that elusive PR. Is it your diet? Possibly. Sleep? We could
probably all use more. Do you need to drink more water? Couldn’t hurt. Should you add yoga
into your training regimen? YES! But let’s talk about why…

Active Recovery

Crossfitters…we’re known for our fanatic love of torture, busting butt, getting sweaty, and having a good time doing it. What are we also known for? Never backing down! While a great quality to embody, our bodies scientifically NEED and benefit from active recovery. But don’t worry, you can still get your sweat on and your daily dose of endorphins. Taking a least 1 day of active recovery per week in the form of yoga gives your body what it needs, while still giving you what you crave.

Body Awareness

Ever look down at your feet during a squat to find out that they’re not in the right position AT ALL? Does your coach constantly need to remind you where to look during a snatch? Ever “tweak” something and have no idea how you did it? A huge benefit of yoga is increased body awareness. In yoga class, we take time to connect with our bodies and tune in to how movements feel and what our bodies may be doing without us even realizing it. For example…Toes – they’re pretty important to every lift and every movement we execute. We often have no idea what they’re doing there inside of our shoes. In yoga class, we place intentional focus on everything from how much space is between each toe, to how much we’re clenching our toes during difficult movements. Mind-body-connection. Bam. Un-scrunch those little digits and all of a sudden your thighs, hammies, and glutes activate fully and your balance improves. It’s like magic!

Imagine how much your lifts could improve if you were fully aware of everything from foot
placement to spinal alignment to core activation. I can already see new PR’s in your future!


It goes without saying that yoga enhances mobility. If you’re not stretching properly before and after class every day you’re not alone. It can be hard to take the time, let alone self-motivate, to embrace the discomfort of the stretches that you need the most. Adding yoga into your training regimen regularly will open your hips, release your shoulders, and make you feel like a kid again (or at least like you can get out of bed without groaning – your partner will thank you). Even if you are stretching regularly, it’s easy to get into a routine and miss muscle groups. Practicing yoga will put you out of your comfort zone, stretch muscles you didn’t even know existed, and help you execute movements like snatches and squats with more ease. You may even be tempted to finally try a pistol squat or handstand pushup! 3, 2, 1…GO!

Summer is coming, and so is the SISU Summer Throwdown, Memorial Day Murph, and lots of other opportunities to push your limits. Now is the time to put in the work and get into prime PR shape. Let’s stop talking and start DOING – whip out your phone, open your calendar, and add yoga class to your weekly routine NOW.

SISU Power Yoga Schedule

Excelsior: Saturdays 8:15am
Plymouth: Thursdays 6:30pm
Coach: Caitlin Tvrdik