Plan to Succeed: Track Your Fitness

Whether Google Maps, Apple Maps or something else, everyone uses some kind of GPS map on their phone to get around, right? It’s the time we live in and most of us probably wouldn’t know how to get from point A to point B without that little voice in our phones guiding us.

A fitness journey is no different. If you’re just going through the motions without mapping out a plan, it will take much longer to hit your goals or you may never reach them at all. Tracking your score in class or for the CrossFit Open can seem intimidating or unnecessary, but the reality is, it’s important to know where you are, so you can create a plan to reach your goals.

Know Where You Are

Sometimes it seems like living in denial can be the more attractive option when it comes to knowing how fit you are. It’s kind of like the bathroom scale – if you never step on it, you’ll never be disappointed by what it says. But knowing where you are is the first step to reaching your goals. It’s not something to be ashamed of or to ignore. Google Maps can’t give you directions without a current location, and you can’t reach your goals, if you don’t know where you’re starting. 

Bonus: sometimes we’re fitter than we think. What if your goal was to do a pullup but you’ve never even tried. Maybe you’re closer to hitting a goal than you thought!

Create a Plan

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Once you’ve started tracking your fitness, set goals and create a plan to reach them. Having goals is a great way to stay motivated and excited about working out. And you feel like a rock star when you hit them! Goals can be whatever you want and when you reach one, you set another one. Follow the SISU programming or talk to a coach about personal training so you have a PLAN to reach your goals. Be patient and keep moving the needle. Tracking your daily workout scores and lifts in Wodify lets you see that you’re improving. It’s not just in your head. The proof is in the numbers – you’re getting stronger, faster, BETTER! You’re putting in the work and can KNOW that you’re making progress. If you don’t have a plan – if there are no GPS directions – it’s easy to get lost, confused or never reach your goal at all.

Reach Your Goal

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You’ve probably heard the quote “ a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” Every journey starts somewhere and must have a destination. When you reach a goal, celebrate! And then, SET ANOTHER GOAL. Don’t be afraid to beat or lose to yourself but know with certainty that you are pushing yourself to be better. Enjoy the process, work hard for the results, track your progress, and be proud of every goal you achieve.

The reality is that if you are not tracking your progress, you don’t know where your fitness is in relation to your goals. With today’s technology, it is all too easy to keep track of all of your workouts – use Wodify or some other fitness tracking app or write everything in a notebook if you prefer. You know you’re losing weight if the numbers are dropping on the scale and the inches are melting off the waist. Why not see if you did a workout a little faster or squatted a little more weight? Hold your fitness accountable and track it. Set goals, accomplish them and set new goals.