What to Eat Before You Compete

Knowing how to eat for competition is just as important as training for competition. Fueling the day before and the day of the event can go along way in keeping you feeling energized and ready to perform at your best.

Day Before Competition

Eat meals and snacks that are high in complex carbs, we need to keep those glycogen stores topped up. Have a good dinner Friday night. (pasta, protein, veggie)

Day of Competition

  • Drink fluids little and often to stay hydrated, keep some gatorade handy
  • I would eat little throughout the day, every 30-60 minutes, keep the blood sugar levels steady and fuel the muscles in prep for the following workout.
  • Stick to familiar foods
  • Eat a good breakfast, stick to easily digested foods.
  • High glycemic foods throughout the day

Find snacks that are easy on the stomach:

  • Protein Shakes
  • Carb Drinks
  • Goldfish – LOVE
  • Fruit snacks – LOVE
  • Complete Protein Cookie (can find these at GNC, Target, and other retailers)
  • Oatmeal bars (BOBO Bars from Whole Foods)- LOVE
  • Bananas- LOVE
  • Beef Jerky
  • Carrots
  • Rice Cakes
Considerations when choosing competition foods:
  • Protein is used by the body to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue.
  • Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source for your bodies—and brain’s —energy needs. It’s carb energy that fuels your workout!
  • Fats don’t appear to improve nor diminish sport performance. And they don’t seem to fuel performance — that’s what carbs are for 🙂 They do provide some vitamins and minerals, and they’re important in everyone’s diet.
If you have a big gap between a workout (90 minutes), I would suggest eating a real meal. Chicken and rice is my go to and it’s easy on the stomach.
– Coach Christina, SISU Nutrition
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