Jamie and Jason

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

We are Jason and Jamie Saxon. We recently got married in August and spent our honeymoon in Maui (and yes doing CrossFit in Maui was a priority). We moved out to the Lake Minnetonka area because of our love for the lake. Jamie is from Ohio and the only lake by her caught on fire (Lake Erie), therefore I had to show her not all lakes are flammable.

When and why did you start doing CrossFit?

We started CrossFit at Excelsior the first day it opened. We survived the very first intro class and could not walk for a week afterwards.

What made you decide to come to CrossFit SISU?

We learned SISU was in our backyard after taking our engagement pictures on the path. We were so excited to learn of a CrossFit so close to our home we would drive by it weekly to see the progress. That path now only reminds us of all the exhausting sprints rather than our relaxing day of taking engagement pictures.

What were you doing before and what apprehensions did you have before starting CrossFit?

We knew since there is not a LifeTime convenient to our home we would have to figure something else out so we decided to put a small workout area in our basement. We began doing p90x to give us structure, but after several weeks we could tell Tony Horton was not going to be our answer. Wow is he annoying!!! We took a hiatus from working out between Thanksgiving and beginning CrossFit in January so we were certainly worried about dying on our first day.

What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit SISU Intro class?

Well Jamie certainly broke in the new box when she proceeded to throw up in the nearest garbage can after the first intro WOD..sorry you had to witness that JJ!  The next two days did not get much easier as Jamie almost cried at work when she dropped her pen because she was so sore. We thought the coaches were kidding when they expected us to do another WOD the following two days, but we quickly found ourselves addicted!

What’s the greatest benefits you see so far since starting at CrossFit SISU?

Sluggish and fatigue are no longer words in our vocabulary..though it may take an extra recovery day after a killer WOD. Combining CrossFit with a modified Paleo diet has changed our lives (we still like our wine though!). We now look at working out as fun rather than being bored with the same old routine. 8pm is our favorite time of the day when we can look at the next day’s WOD.

How has being at CrossFit SISU enriched your life outside of the box?

CrossFit has helped structure our lives. We can now enjoy our social time and workouts in one. Jamie has also stopped bugging me about what time I’ll be home from work…she knows I will always be home well before our workout. Bye bye late work nights!

Please share any special memories or achievements during your time at CrossFit SISU?

There is no question Murph was a very emotional and heartfelt experience. Jamie has already scheduled off work to make sure she doesn’t miss it next year. Also, the camaraderie that we enjoy every Saturday morning at butt camp is very gratifying. We have gotten to know a wonderful community of fellow CrossFitters.

 What advice would you give to a person thinking about joining our SISU Community?

Do it now!!! CrossFit has emotionally, physically, and mentally changed our lives! You will not find a more dynamic, rewarding, and intense workout. Moreover, the people are amazing!

 Favorite WOD?

Jamie-anything involving dubs and body weight moves

Jason-anything involving an Olympic lift and bar muscle ups

 Secret Ninja exercise is?


 My not so secret sucky is?

As far as sucky goes Jamie’s sucky workouts include anything with very heavy weights and Jason greatly greatly greatly dislikes dubs.

 My favorite cheat meal is?

Jamie is addicted to candy so cheat meals involving laffy taffy and sugary sweets are her favorite.

Jason loves Yangzee Chinese food..anyone looking for a good cheat meal this place is highly recommended.