Before & After: Joe Rodgers

Covid-19 was enough to close gyms and quarantine us to our basements. On top of that, my wife was pregnant with our daughter and a rare pregnancy complication meant frequent and unpredictable trips to the ER. 2020 was a year of giving everything up and focusing on my family. My fitness was one of the first sacrifices I made along with healthy eating.

When we welcomed our daughter, I knew I had to invest in myself if I wanted to be around for her. I joined CrossFit SISU after years of avoiding it because that’s my brother’s thing. I shed 30 pounds and felt better but realized I had the discipline and self-control to show up to the gym but not at the dinner table. Thanks to Raj and the SISU Nutrition program I was able to understand my eating habits and take control of my decisions.

As someone who loves to eat, I’ve found a way to balance the common meals to allow me the cheats and continue to progress to my healthiest self. Yeah, I eat tuna, rice, and low-fat cottage cheese. But I also crushed fat pants Friday only a few weeks after finishing nutrition! As a wise man tells me every so often “nothing changes if nothing changes.” Raj helped me change my entire mindset around how I eat, and I’m the healthiest I’ve been in years. I couldn’t be more proud of the 70 pounds I’ve lost so far. Thanks, SISU!

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