Nathan Bartley




What were you doing before CrossFit?


Before Crossfit I was the A-typical overweight desk worker who ate the office cookies that your coworker brought from home and took the big lunches. I was that guy at the gym 4-5 times a week trying to lift everything but getting nowhere fast. When I was younger I played baseball and basketball so I never really had to put forth much effort to be in any kind of shape


Why did you start doing CrossFit?


About 2 yrs ago a good friend of mine began to do crossfit and told me all the wonderful things that everyone tells you, “Oh My God Crossfit is so wonderful, and you have to try it”. And I did the usual, “it sounds crazy, why would anyone do that to themselves, there is no way I could do that.” So I passed and I saw my friend drop 10-15lbs so I was intrigued.  Then earlier this year I saw my engagement pictures and wanted to do something about the gut hanging over my belt and wanted to make a change, and I had 6 months to do it.


What apprehensions did you have before starting?


I thought it would be way too hard, too expensive, and take up too much time. I saw the 2012 Crossfit Games from the year before on tv and was like wow those guys are insane I am not that kind of athlete.


What made you decide to come CrossFit SISU?


I saw the groupon online earlier this year and thought here is the chance that I passed up 2 yrs ago “No Excuses”.


What’s the greatest benefit you see so far since starting CrossFit and SISU?


One of the best benefits is overall fitness, I lost about 35lbs and I have no problem completing everyday tasks.  As far as SISU, I am originally from South Carolina and have only been in Minnesota for about 18 months so it’s a great way to meet people who are as excited about crossfit as I am.  They also have the best trainers, Pat probably doesn’t even remember but 2 weeks after I started I almost quit after a second sprained ankle but he checked on me and wouldn’t allow it and I have been a regular ever since.