SISU Transformation: Steve Brandt

This. Is. 40. My journey to continuous transformation.

It all started with my wife asking what I wanted for my birthday. I was hitting 40 in a few months and she wanted to do something special. I reflected on it as she continued to ask every few days. Then I made up my mind: I wanted to physically look my best on that day by getting smarter about nutrition – something I knew very little about. I grabbed my phone and texted Christina to sign-up for the SISU Nutrition program. We had 8 weeks to make it happen.

The nutrition program has been life changing. I always thought I ate healthy. Which was falsely supported by having a weight that didn’t fluctuate much for the last 20 years since college. I didn’t have a clue. Sure, my diet was better than the average American – but that’s not saying much. Instead of simply just “eating” – and then cleaning my kids’ plates for good measure! – I’ve learned how to fuel my body and balance my intake. More importantly, it’s been hugely impactful on my family. My wife, Sarah, and I have 4 kiddos – 11, 9, 7 & 5 – so life is quite busy. Sarah’s amazing – she allows me to hit the 5:30am class each weekday, handling the kiddos on her own each morning. She also does ALL the cooking. (I am a blessed man!) We all know how difficult it can be to make healthy choices when convenience is involved. Having a young family amplifies that difficulty. For Sarah, having a purpose for dinner each night gives her direction for our meals while simplifying the challenge of having to figure out “what to make?” each night.

I’m 100% convinced that guidance and accountability are what enable us to do more than we could ever possibly do on our own.

Steve Brandt, SISU Nutrition client

Fast forward to 40. In just 8 weeks, I was the leanest I’d been since high school thanks to Christina’s guidance and accountability. I felt amazing – lean, strong and full of energy. Sarah told me I’ve never looked better (isn’t that what really matters?!). I felt full of accomplishment and was super pumped about how far I had come in such a short time. Then I thought, “Now what?” We’ve all seen people transform into an amazing version of
themselves… only to then transform right back into the person they wanted to change in the first place. I told myself, “Not me. There is no way I’m giving back these gains.” I immediately reached out to Christina to discuss what was next. We agreed to embark on a journey of continuous transformation – applying what I had been learning through the program, but with her continued leadership.

Steve on his 40th birthday!

I’ve now been working with Christina on my nutrition for nearly 6 months. We’ve had all the normal struggles and opportunities to get off track – year-end holidays, family get togethers, weekend-long activities being stuck in a gymnasium, travel, illness… you name it. But I haven’t regressed. We worked through all of it; she encouraged me to enjoy life along the way while adjusting our plan as needed. I still feel just as amazing as I did on my birthday – lean, strong and full of energy.

I’m often asked, “Are you still doing the nutrition program?” Which has led me to believe that a lot of people think of it as a diet. It’s like they are expecting me to stop. But I haven’t – and I won’t. For me, it’s not a diet – it’s become a lifestyle. I’m 100% convinced that guidance and accountability are what enable us to do more than we could ever possibly do on our own. I see it in my business every day by watching the impact both have on my clients’ financial lives. And I’ve witnessed it firsthand through the nutrition program. Sure, I know what I need to do at this point. The reality is we all know a lot of things we should be doing. But knowing and doing are very different. For me, that is where the ongoing nutrition program comes in. It forces me to do what I know I need to do. If you can relate, then I’m confident it will help you on your journey to continuous transformation as well!

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