Before & After: Monica Czernek Wiant

Here’s what 12 weeks on the nutrition program looks like. Thank you, Coach Rajeev Sastry, for the support.

I have done every diet under the sun, including some really unhealthy ones. Weight comes and goes; other things matter more. I showed up at SISU in 2021 with a large body and a goal of getting stronger and healthier. I appreciate that nobody in this community ever made me feel like I didn’t belong.

When I was ready to lose weight, the nutrition program was just what I needed. No gimmicks, no starvation, just a thoughtful approach to eating real food in the real world – with a lot of encouragement and accountability. I was nervous to start in October but figured if I could do this during the holidays, I could keep it going all year.

I am happy to be carrying 18 fewer pounds into 2023, but it’s not just about the weight. I feel great. I sleep soundly and wake up most mornings before my alarm, ready to hit 6 a.m. Strength & Conditioning. I’m lifting heavier, moving faster, and within striking distance of my first box jump. I’m still in a larger body than most, but I’m proud of what this body can do and I am excited to keep improving.


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