Brian Peterson

What were you doing before CrossFit?


Before Crossfit I played college football and thereafter was going to Lifetime and lifting like I still played ball, accept I was falling into the Lifetime trap of standing around for two hours every day looking at myself in the mirror and checking out the ladies.  I knew it wasn’t working for me and started to make variations on my own, but still felt like there was more to the whole fitness game.


Why did you start doing CrossFit?


One day I was doing a Bear Complex at Lifetime (I had no idea that’s what I was doing, just came up with it on my own) and a random dude came up to me and asked which Crossfit Box I was a part of.  I had never heard of Crossfit, but the guy said he had seen me do many similar movements that were common in Crossfit and that it would be worth the time to check out. That night I Google’d it and found a whole bunch of videos from the Games that past year. I was immediately drawn to the competition portion of it and wanted to try for myself.


What apprehensions did you have before starting?


There was no real apprehension before starting.  I have always had an innate ability to make others feel uncomfortable when I feel uncomfortable to lessen the blow to myself.  If there was a concern it was how expensive the monthly fee was when compared to other gyms.  What I didn’t realize going in was that I wasn’t joining a gym, I was joining a community.


What made you decide to come CrossFit SISU?


Google, bro.  That’s where I get all my answers.


What’s the greatest benefit you see so far since starting CrossFit and SISU?

The greatest benefit since coming to SISU is that I finally feel I am doing what is right for me and my body.  It is my belief that we are all different and we all need to find what works for us.  For me the physical benefit was only a portion of the reward, the other part was I found a place I genuinely look forward going to and enjoy being a part of something special.  I have said this before, but the world would be a much fuller, richer place if we all held ourselves accountable and pushed to be our best and yet cheered and supported one another at the same time.  For me the sense of pride and community we have going here is contagious and I wish to share it with as many people as possible.  That is the greatest benefit I have seen so far since joining CrossFit SISU.