Mike B.

What were you doing before CrossFit

Wow…I actually thought I was working out hard prior to doing CrossFit!  I was always a lifter and would migrate from running to spinning when I really needed to turn it up for an adventure race or hunting trip(my hunting trips usually include some extreme mountain experiences).  I actually thought I was in great shape while doing the races but I have now done the same race before and after CrossFit and the results were completely different.

Why did you start doing CrossFit

The very first time I saw anything about CrossFit was when I saw one of the Crossfit SISU class brochures at Gear West in Long Lake.  The classes were being held at the old Wayzata Bay Center but I didn’t follow up at the time and assumed it was just another fitness workout that wouldn’t be for me.  About two years later, CrossFit and I crossed paths again, thanks to a friend of mine, while recovering from a ruptured achilles.  I’m extremely active and blamed part of the ruptured achilles injury on my stale, lifting routine and lack of workout diversity.  I started doing some research and looking at the WODs online and immediately was intrigued/addicted to the diversity and the appearance of challenging workouts.

What apprehensions did you have before starting

My biggest concern was the Olympic lifts involved with CrossFit.  My lifting routine included the typical squats, bench, leg press, etc. but I hadn’t done the Overhead Squats,  full Cleans and Snatch since college and thought…am I too old for this? Nope!

What made you decide to come CrossFit SISU

Pat Crosby!  I started doing CrossFit at another club in Minneapolis and was immediately addicted to the workouts and fun atmosphere.  Pat and I had worked together a number of years ago and I hadn’t seen him in years when I ran into him down in Minneapolis at the club.  He told me about CrossFit SISU and said I should come out and try the “SISU way”.  After a couple of morning workouts, I was addicted to “SISU” and haven’t looked back ever since!

What’s the greatest benefit you see so far since starting CrossFit and SISU

I’m in the greatest shape of my life and I have met so many great people!  There is a lot to be said about a workout that will push each and every one of us to our limits…or what we believe to be our limits, only to find that we have more.  I believe CrossFit prepares your mind for that difficult, uncomfortable feeling while pushing yourself to above our limits.  During some of my most extreme hunting expeditions, I have hiked miles and miles of rugged mountainous terrain, slept on the side of the mountain and woke up five hours later to hike those same rugged trails, day after day.  While hiking I remember thinking to myself…”this is easier than that WOD we did a week ago”…