Drew DeWitt – SISU Featured Athlete

About Drew

I’m married to Kelly, and we have two kids, Bella (11) and Brix (9). I’m in a super sexy industry – I sell insurance. Life, Disability and long-term care insurance. Essentially, I save families and businesses. I love it. Historically, I swam and played volleyball and soccer. My wife and I enjoy travelling and have been to many places all around the world. We also enjoying boating on Lake Minnetonka and long walks on the sandy beaches of St. Alban’s Bay.   

Finding CrossFit

I have been crossfitting for almost 2 years.  [SISU member] Allison Kraus had been riding my ass for about a year and a half, and she must have caught me on a day when I was in a vulnerable position. She won. As always. But to be honest, I’m glad she won that battle because now I can beat her in a number of different areas in the gym.

My exercise routine before Crossfit was literally turning on the shower in the morning. To pass the time while I waited for the water to get hot, I would do 10 push-ups. That was about it. I’m lucky to have always had a good metabolism. I would eat and drink anything I wanted and always weighed 180lbs. and 185lbs. on my fat days.

While deciding to join SISU was due to some strong-arming from Allison Kraus, in all honesty, the loss of my father when he was only 43 years old was also a factor. I was 3, and my sister was 2 years old at the time. Growing up with a single mom who was a flight attendant and gone 20+ days a month to put food on the table wasn’t the most picturesque childhood. As I was approaching 40 years old, one day I looked at my son and daughter and had one of those eerie feelings that I was quickly approaching the same age my father was when he died. That was unacceptable. So I showed up to my first class and then hunted down the coach afterwards to give him my credit card so I could show up the next day for Day 2. BOOM!

Benefits of CrossFit

Since starting at SISU, I’ve found that maintaining an even energy level throughout the day has gotten easier. I don’t get tired at all which means higher productivity.

Also, I’m in a sales job. When you’re able to relate to an individual that you are trying to do business with, it makes it a whole lot easier. I’m sure it’s because of the competitive nature, but there are a number of sales people that do CrossFit. When I come across them as I’m doing business, there is an immediate connection and something interesting to talk about.

Accomplishments and Goals

My biggest accomplishment in the gym is probably being able to do bar muscle ups. It feels damn good being 10’ in the air knowing I did that with my body. But probably my most biggest accomplishment is how much I rock a Turkish Get-Up!  Golly…those are fun!

A fitness goal for this year is absolutely to be the best daggum Scaled team at the SISU Summer Throwdown this summer with my teammate Allison. We are sick of being 2nd place. This year we are going to be on top, baby!

To Anyone Considering CrossFit

I would say that it’s always tough and intimidating coming into a new environment and starting something taxing like a hard workout. Yes, it’s going to hurt…but keep your goal in mind. That’s why you do it.

Why SISU?  

What’s there not to love about SISU? It’s all about home, man. It’s all about having that place where you can just feel it. You can feel something come through, something shining through, something that takes you away from the world of problems, the world of worry, the world of care.  For me, that’s SISU. A place where you can leave all the bullshit behind for 60 minutes.

Somebody told me once, “Well, you just go there to escape reality.” I thought about it for a minute, and I was like, well, maybe I do go there to escape reality. But then I thought a little longer, and I was like, “No, hoss, you got it backwards. I go there to get TO reality, and get away from all these problems that I invent.”

So long live SISU.  If you’ve got it, you hold it and feel it every chance you get. If you’re considering it, just get over here. May it stand like it is for as long as it can. 

Secret ninja movement? 

My secret ninja move is probably rope climb.

Nemesis movement? 

I HATE Deadlifts.

Favorite cheat meal? 

I don’t care about food. I’ll eat anything to get my 3,800 calories per day.