James & Catie Brackin – SISU Featured Athletes


About James and Catie Brackin

James: Before doing Crossfit, I did a lot of P90X/Insanity-type workout videos in the basement…sad, lonely days! Ha!

Catie: My workout routine was picking up wine glasses and bringing them to my mouth! Seriously, though, workout videos in the basement or chasing after kids.

James: Our good friends Matt and Laura Dornik had spoken very highly of Sisu, and it sounded like fun. I started three and a half years ago – shortly after our 3rd child (Cooper) was born. It was a great excuse to get out of the house and blow off some steam.

Catie: I joined out of peer pressure! But really, about a year and a half ago, James and the Dorniks hauled me along to a handful of Saturday Butt Camps, and I eventually got hooked. I also finally just decided to not use our kids as an excuse to not be able to find time to workout.


Fitness for the Whole Family

James: Our family has definitely benefited from crossfit in that we are both happier because we have time to ourselves and are taking care of ourselves….both mentally (the stress relief benefit of working out) and obviously physically. Our kids think crossfit is cool. They believe we are strong (it’s all relative, right?) and are having fun. They love coming to the gym and climbing the ropes and the rig or playing the fish game on the rowers after classes. Our two youngest kids actually ask us to give them “crossfit workouts” occasionally at home.


Mental and Physical Benefits

Catie: We were pretty active people before coming to the gym, but, truthfully, the biggest benefit we have noticed outside of the gym as a result of crossfit is mental health. Getting a chance to clear your mind and focus on a singular task and feeling the high of achieving a goal or doing well in a WOD is great.

James: I rarely spent time lifting weights before going to SISU, and I very clearly remember being able to clean over 200lbs. Any time I get to build upon that always feels like a good day. One of my goals is to work on mobility. If you have ever seen me do an overhead squat, you know what I’m in need of…mobility!  

Catie: I’m very happy to have built up more muscle and have begun focusing more on my nutrition. My current gym goal is to be able to do double unders!



James & Catie: The community and the coaches. Everyone cares about you as a person and wants to help you achieve your goals. The coaches are top-notch – even our brother-in-law Sam Blank! You won’t regret it! Stick with it and just keep coming. Everyone is so positive and wants to see you succeed. What’s the worst that could happen?


Secret Ninja Movement

James: Rower

Catie: Thrusters


Not So Favorite Movement

James: Dumbbell overhead squat

Catie: Snatches or double unders


Favorite Cheat Meal

James: Easy for both of us – pizza!