Kevin Montroy – SISU Featured Athlete


Before CrossFit, all I did was running, running, and more running! I fell in love with competing in ultra marathons (30+ mile races) and hitting the trails 4-6 days a week. But while I was slowly improving my running and competing in harder courses and longer distances, I felt I was missing something in my training program. For the time and effort I had placed into running, I just wasn’t seeing the results I wanted and wasn’t receiving the same joy it once gave me. While running is what I love, I had hit a plateau and was wishing to gain more overall fitness.


In hopes to continue building endurance in new ways, have a bit more fun with the training process, and run a little less, I found CrossFit SISU. Getting started was the hardest part. I was afraid that I was too old, that I would embarrass myself and that everyone would know that I had never lifted weights before! I was intimidated when I saw people hanging from bars, lifting barbells, and climbing ropes. But what convinced me to stay was the intensity, the results I was seeing while running, and the community of SISU athletes and coaches. I realized that I wasn’t the only one stepping outside of my comfort zone and had a support system of athletes with their own set of goals.


Left: Photo by Alycia Faye Photography

CrossFit has given me more overall fitness, but has also strengthened my running in ways I did not expect! Last month, I completed my second 50 mile trail ultra and finished in the top 28% and even higher (3rd place) in my age group. It was quite the improvement from my first 50-miler, before CrossFit, when I finished around 65%. CrossFit has definitely played a major role in helping me to run stronger, feel better, become less injured, and recover faster.


I’ve seen huge improvements in my health and my running. I’m leaner and stronger and am achieving my goals, even with running less mileage. SISU immediately set aside any of my fears and challenged me not only to be a better runner, but a better athlete. I’m so glad I stopped in to SISU when I did!


Favorite Workout?

CrossFit Games Open Workout 17.4


55 Deadlifts

55 Wall Balls

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Push Ups


My newfound favorite exercise is?


My not so favorite exercise is?

Double Unders

My favorite cheat meal is?

Chinese buffets


Kevin is 52 years old and is married to wife, Katie. He has two daughters, Kelli, 26 and Krista, 25.