Late Cancellations & Class Caps

Team SISU,
We’re continuing to have issues with late cancellations and our classes being full at night but not in the morning. Since we’ve reopened our doors, we’ve had over 1,500 cancellations, 300 of which are late cancellation violations. 

Here is how our system works with Waitlists:

  • If you are waitlisted, you will get auto-filled into the class based on the order that you signed up. So if you’re second on the waitlist and two people cancel, you’ll get into that second spot.
  • If someone cancels within 30 MINUTES of class, the system no longer auto-fills the spot, and you’re marked as a Late Cancellation.

The biggest issue is people are canceling their reservations in the morning before class (within the 30-minute window) and other people aren’t getting auto-filled, OR they are waitlisted the night before and don’t bother to wake up. This isn’t fair to those that want to go to class. 

We don’t want to implement any fees, penalties or whatever else other gyms do for late cancellations. Please only sign up for class if you’re absolutely planning on going to class.

We’ve made the next day’s workout available to be viewed at 5:00am the day before, rather than at 8:00pm to help make your decision on coming to class the next day. 

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns!

SISU Coaching Staff