SISU Transformation: Tommy Thompson

About Tommy

I own and run a construction company for a living. I work a lot.   My hobbies include camping, adventuring with my dog Tango, climbing, mountain biking and hanging out with my nephews.

I started working out at SISU in January 2019 after my friends had been encouraging me to come for a while. I was making progress during my first 10 months at SISU but wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be. Nothing changes if nothing changes – it was time to kick it up a notch!

What was the SISU Nutrition program like:

  • The first couple of months were tough, but it was really motivating to see the scale go down each day.  
  • After a while, I got into the groove of rotating through a handful of foods & snacks. I don’t mind eating the same thing often, and that was helpful for quick macro tracking. Preparing my lunch each day was also a big change and really helpful.
  • I was still able to eat the foods I wanted – I just had to plan for them.
  • Coach Christina was super encouraging, and so was the SISU community. The guys I work out with regularly were really motivating and supportive, which was huge.
  • Christina was very responsive to texts and calls. She gave me lots of snack & meal ideas that fit my lifestyle (construction, lots of time on the road, odd hours, etc…). She was always there when I needed her, and that definitely helped me stay on track.

Benefits from doing the nutrition program:

  • I was already an active person, but now I feel like I can be even more active.
  • Mountain biking has become so much more enjoyable. I loved it before, but now I’m able to take my riding to a whole other level.
  • It’s easier to do my job now.
  • My workouts have gotten so much faster, and I’ve tried new workouts I didn’t even know existed (10k’s)! 

A big change I made with my nutrition was that I started packing a lunch daily, eating out less, and tweaked what I ordered when I did go to a restaurant.

The main thing to understand about the SISU Nutrition program is that it’s not a diet; it’s a lifestyle change. The first month might be somewhat of an uphill challenge. Stick with it, and it gets easier! I look at this as a new lifestyle, not a diet. I’ve found a better balance of eating well and still enjoying food.