Marianne Catapano – SISU Featured Athlete

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?

I grew up in Wayzata and now live with my husband, Keith, in Maple Grove.  Together we have 5 children ages 27, 23, 23, 22, 21 years old.  Keith and I love being outdoors whether it’s snowmobiling, skiing or spending time on the lake.


Why did you start doing CrossFit?

One of my daughters had started doing CrossFit in Richmond, Virginia in October of 2013.  She had been a D1 Swimmer and after graduating from college struggled to find a fitness routine she loved.  I saw her make both a mental and physical transformation and with her constant praise and encouragement decided in August of 2014 to give it a try.


What made you decide on CrossFit SISU?

Mostly because of the location, but also had heard really positive remarks.


What were you doing before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit I had been working out 5-6 times per week at LifeTime in Plymouth.  I tend to get bored easily with exercise programs so I was constantly changing what I was doing; some months I would do a lot of classes, some months I would go hard with the cardio, some months I would swim laps, etc.  Mostly though no matter what I did, nothing changed.


What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit SISU Intro class?

I had a really hard time walking to my car, but absolutely fell in love with it.


What physical changes have you seen so far since starting at CrossFit SISU?

I feel so much stronger, both physically and mentally.  CrossFit has taught me to step out of my comfort zone too.  Who would have thought that at 51 years old I would be able to climb a rope to the top!


How has being at CrossFit SISU enriched your life outside of the box?

My family has always been athletic, but now that two of my daughters are doing CrossFit too we can work out together. It’s also really helped with my eating habits.  I eat much cleaner and the three of us are always sharing new recipes.


Please share any special memories or achievements during your time at CrossFit SISU?

Probably the biggest achievement I have had since starting CrossFit is being able to master some of the Olympic lifts.  It’s really helping keep my mind sharp and my body active.


What advice would you give to a person thinking about joining our SISU Community? 

No matter what your level of fitness is right now there’s room for improvement.  New personal records are being set daily and you are constantly raising the bar.    You will find that the most difficult challenge at first is believing you can do it and the coaches and other cross fitters help you see that you can.  We cheer for the person who finishes first and even harder for the last.


Favorite WOD?


Secret Ninja exercise is?  

Handstand walk or handstand push ups!!!


My not so secret sucky is? 

Anything that involves rowing.


My favorite cheat meal is?

Any meal that ends with dessert!