Brett Threlkeld- SISU Featured Athlete

Please tell us a little bit about yourself?
I graduated from the University of Minnesota last spring in Marketing and
Human Resources. Throughout high school and college my athletic focus was on
competitive dance and lacrosse.
Why did you start doing CrossFit?
My mom asked if I wanted to try out an intro class at Jason’s gym in Excelsior.
On the car ride there, I asked what type of gym this was, and what I was
getting myself into. She replied “I think it is called CrossFit or something..” Needless
to say, I did not intentionally start CrossFit, but had always wanted to try it
What made you decide on CrossFit SISU?
Initially, I joined SISU because I had known Jason for years, and I had
heard great things about the workouts and people there.
What were you doing before CrossFit?
I had been a competitive dancer up until my junior year in college, which is
when I returned to running, kickboxing, and doing yoga.
What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit SISU Intro class?
My first thought was “wow, I am out of shape!” but was excited to try
something new. Being a dancer, I had never done any lifting, which was terrifying,
but rewarding.
What physical changes have you seen so far since starting at CrossFit
I always have some nice bruises on my shins and callused hands!
How has being at CrossFit SISU enriched your life outside of the box?
I am always tired, which means I used to skip working out often. Since
starting CrossFit, I am more energized and excited to go workout/socialize.
CrossFit has taught me not to underestimate my own strengths, and work hard to
achieve my goals.
Please share any special memories or achievements during your time at
CrossFit SISU?
My greatest achievement to date was when I finally could do unassisted
pull-ups, and after doing my first RX workout, I ripped my hands open! Most of
my favorite memories have to do with Jason yelling at me, or getting to meet all
of the amazing people that make up SISU.
What advice would you give to a person thinking about joining our SISU
Do it, the people and coaching staff are awesome!
Favorite WOD?
Anything that has dubs or mobility….
Secret Ninja exercise is?
Handstand push-ups
My not so secret sucky is?
My favorite cheat meal is?
Cheeseburger and sweet potato fries