What were you doing before CrossFit?

Before CrossFit, I was doing what I thought was a really good workout routine.  You know, meeting a buddy at the gym and lifting weights for 45 minutes, three times per week.  Of course the 45 minutes was more like 25 minutes of working out and 20 minutes of resting and jaw jacking.  I also ran a few days a week and have done the P90X series and Insanity series a number of times.

Why did you start doing CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in July of 2012 after I ran into an old college wrestling buddy who was still in really good shape.  He had gone in to mixed martial arts, so I figured that was why he was in great physical condition.  He told me that he had been doing CrossFit and that it was a better workout than anything he had ever experienced.  Ex-college wrestler turned MMA fighter and the guy says CrossFit is the best workout?  I had to find out for myself.

What apprehensions did you have before starting?

I honestly had zero apprehensions.  I thought it would be fairly easy and something that I would just tryout for a few months.  Man was I wrong!  For the first two months, I was completely sore from using muscles that my body forgot about a long time ago.  Previous to CrossFit, I was totally the bench press/ bicep curl guy at the gym and figured that running was all I needed to do to workout my legs.  I laugh at those guys now.

What made you decide to come CrossFit SISU?

I came to CrossFit SISU because it was close by where I live and I found a groupon on line.  I’ve stayed because I love the environment of the gym.  The people and coaches are super encouraging.  The workouts vary so much that it never becomes mundane.  I’ve witnessed people fail at movements repeatedly without ever becoming discouraged….and when they get that first rep, it’s like winning the Super Bowl!  Everybody at this gym celebrates your accomplishments, whether it is dead lifting the weight of a small car or getting your very first pull up.  I talk to my non-SISU friends about CrossFit so much that they think I’ve joined some sort of cult and that Massie and Crosby are L. Ron Hubbard and Jim Jones.

What’s the greatest benefit you see so far since starting CrossFit and SISU?

The greatest benefit for me is that I actually look forward to working out now.  Yes, I am stronger and in better shape, but that did not come at the cost of back breaking, torturous sessions in a gym that I dreaded going to.  The workouts are still back breaking and torturous, but I am strangely addicted to them!